Pulex irritansThe eggs that female fleas lay can infest carpets, bedding and furniture.
Fleas establish themselves in large populations where pets and other animals are present.
Multiple treatment methods are often employed to eradicate a flea population.
Fleas may cause allergic reactions and may carry human diseases such as typhus and tularemia.

Pests are living organisms that live and feed on other living beings. For instance, ticks are pests, known to infest pets and cattle. All such pests cause many disadvantages to the host, both directly and indirectly. In every residential or occupational set up, pests can never lack an interest. They exist in large populations and they must be aggressive for food and survival. As such, pests will soon find their way even to the newest building in town, if proper measures are not taken to control them.

There are several types of pests, all of which are destructive. They cause harm to property and in one way or the other, contribute to ill health in the host. Some pests can thrive well on two or three different kinds of hosts, an element that greatly increases the chances of pest survival and increase in population. For instance, cat fleas live on pests such as cats, but can also find food by biting humans and other mammals. In this way, fleas can transfer infection from cats or from other pests such as mice to humans. Having such severe consequences, when your home or office is infested with fleas, pest control measures should be taken at the earliest convenience. Any delays might increase the risk as well as the cost of treatment.

Mice and rats are among the most common household pests. Whereas some pests e.g. mice like living under structures, some rats are bred outside and they enter into the house through small holes and sizable cracks. They come in search of food, since they eat regularly—15-20 times in a day! They are nocturnal, working well at night and resting/ hiding during the day. Besides eating and destroying food, rats and mice can harbor loads of mites, ticks and fleas in their fur. These can be easily transferred to humans and pets. In addition, rats and mice can cause a numbers of diseases to human through contact and contamination of food.

Other common pests include cockroaches, termites and ants. Ants and termites do not pose a direct health risk but they contaminate food by walking and defecating on it. In addition, they feed on wood/ furniture, weakening the items and bringing great loss. Cockroaches on the other hand, are dirty and feed on an assortment of food items as well as furniture. When these pests are found, like in fleas, pest control specialists should be consulted since they are better placed to control the pests professionally.